Learning to love post production (or how I came to appreciate getting it right the first time)

Work is growing increasingly rampant with its demands upon my life, but that is what work does, doesn’t it? I’m thankful to be employed, but find that when it wears me down that I find greater solace in the arts. Escaped from the people bowl to sit out in the rain and watch the sun set.

This (after a little touching up) is what graced my countenance this evening:

Sunsets always sadden my heart (especially after all the sunsets I’ve recalled since my youth letting the failing rays of the day gather in my retina as I mourned the passing of the day). Due to that fact, I’ve never seen a tomorrow I couldn’t get through because as the song says, “The sun will come up tomorrow.”

In reference to the thread title, I let my friend Jordan take a shot of me this past Saturday that we thought might have been a trash shot with my Rebel XS. I decided to keep it to see what could be done with it. I’ve been tinkering with my shots and lighting AFTER taking the initial shot via IRfan, MS Paint, and Photoshop lately. I’ve always been a bit of a perfectionist in trying to get the shot right within the camera, but there are some times where I am finding that with just enough effort a trash shot becomes something of worth sometimes.

Case in point.

Original shot:
IRfan/MS Paint “touch up”:

I actually liked the second one so much so that I decided to use it for marketing purpose. Post-production is going to remain a secret pleasure for a while so that I learn to really get the most out of my lens and camera technique, but it doesn’t hurt to play with the tools of the trade enough to where at least I am cognizant of how to use them should their NEED ever arise.

And getting it right the first time is a goal that can’t be disliked for aiming for often. 😉


About rufusp2k8

I'm a local freelance photographer taking in life and musing on how things are and what they could be all through my lens. I add light and sound to further the vision each Tuesday and Thursday. I can be found on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ebonsoul-Photos/227797643952140 or e-mailed for work/events here: bigbgk@hotmail.com For other content by myself, check out: http://about.me/Brian_G_Knowles
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