The Song Remains The Same?

Since my mind always has a strain or beat running at a low rumble in it I decided to run through my soundtrack collection. As deep as I go with my love of words and music, I also go with finding out what links the two and the histories of each. A movie can be made or broken by its score. Ridley Scott’s LEGEND stands out in memory for memorable characters, gorgeous cinematography, and the little known fact that the movie holds TWO versions of its score.

Tangerine Dream scored one version while Jerry Goldsmith scored the other. The UK and America got different versions of the exact same movie (with hilarious result). The longstanding, often unheard score by Goldsmith is absolutely stellar, though.

Take for instance the following scene:

    Tangerine Dream version:

    Goldsmith version

I’m a fan of both (and secretly favor the Tangerine Dream version), BUT I see and ultimately appreciate the Goldsmith score MORE due to the beautiful and alluring crescendo he works up until JUST that moment when Princess Lily (Mia Sara) embraces her dark nature and then becomes one with the dancing silhouette.

What exactly is light without darkness? Forever duality.


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