Player’s Ball (M’s 29th)

Felonious Funk, daring Disco, some OG raps, feathered hats, loud cats, ladies, furs, and fat slacks and it was on like a powdered milkbone!  My friend, Melora, had her birthday party and went with a Player’s Ball/Pimps and Streetwalkers theme and I got to both DJ (in this case, play tunes from the laptop since space was sparse) and photograph the goings on.

Allow the pictures to tell how the night progressed in a new format:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are three of the best ones from the bunch:

Melora and Jordan

Melora and Jordan

Sly Red

Sly Red



The rest of the Easter Weekend was spent indoors mostly working on business and prepping for the graduation season soon to come.  April showers bring May flowers and this weekend’s severe thunderstorms definitely proved that first part true.  Let’s see if the second part comes true as well.

Since the slideshow is something new, I’m testing it’s content for display on both smartphones and regular browsers.  If there are any issues, please let me know so that I may keep the content alive (and well).

The photos alone from the event can be found at the following link: in Dallas 2011/Pimps and Streetwalkers Party

Watch this space (and share with your friends)!


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I'm a local freelance photographer taking in life and musing on how things are and what they could be all through my lens. I add light and sound to further the vision each Tuesday and Thursday. I can be found on Facebook: or e-mailed for work/events here: For other content by myself, check out:
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