DJ Double Up in Dallas

There is no such person as DJ Double Up, but Dallas got wrecked by two who were equally worthy of the title.  Funnier still is that both of them played under the same roof less than 24 hours apart!  Beauty Bar is the new “to do” stop for most night of the week now.

Thursday night is held by resident DJ Sober and he brought in Kon (of Kon and Amir fame) from New York.  He went Disco to Funk, Funk to Rock, and then ran the road rugged with a smattering of sounds from way back when to the songs of just now.

Check it:

Massive respect to Sober and Kon for doing the damn thing and for giving Dallas a much needed shot in the arm of something both proper AND different that it needed.

Legends United

Legends United

Thursday night came to a close, but the buzz had been brewing for the past month about Salted Music’s (an Electronic/House label) Miguel Migs’ Saturday arrival.  I went through the motions of work and even stayed in on Friday night because I knew how packed Saturday night would be.

I had no idea that the place would be so packed that air itself barely had a room in the club.  DJ Redeye KILLED the room in his role as the hype man (as he always does) and just when the churning mass of people were getting into the spirit of the sound, Miguel Migs took over and brought things to peak hour.

Any other night and you would have people clamoring about being hot and sweaty and uncomfortable (especially from the money crowd that is more into look than just being there and enjoying the experience).  People finally learned to give in to the groove and just let the rhythm hit them as the night went on.  Good music invites good feelings and let me tell you: People were FEELING IT that night.

This is the guy behind it all:

Migs' Magic

Migs' Magic

Dallas got its fill of music and with July the 4th weekend right around the corner, we are just ready to set the night alight properly!

Thank you to Beauty Bar for your hospitality and the opportunity to photog some of today’s top talent in the DJ world, thank you to all those who are a part of the Dallas nightlife that make it what it is, and as always to YOU, the reader, that makes this part of the effort all worthwhile.

As The Fixx said back in 1983, “One thing leads to another.”

This week’s links:

Kon @ Beauty Bar

Miguel Migs @ Beauty Bar


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