The Road Goes Ever, Ever On

As most have read by now, my grandfather passed away around this time last week and I traveled down to Galveston in order to lay him to rest.  Just like the road, life goes ever on and yet at some point, it has to stop.  I think that Galveston being the ends of the earth served as a fitting reminder of this fact.

Looking Beyond the Clouds and Sea

Looking Beyond the Clouds and Sea

It was a mixed bag of emotions that really didn’t open up until the actual service, but I was able to stand strong in the fact that I knew he was in a better place.  I had time to hang with some family that I hadn’t seen in some 10 odd years and was able to help console those who’d I’d known most of my life.

For the second time in my life, I wasn’t depressed after a funeral but more in awe of how life works.  The coming and going of the tide mirrors the rising and setting of the sun and moon and both those events mirror our own lives.   We are born and come into this world with the tide and are asked to walk the long shores of life. When we must leave, we roll out with the tide and leave behind a legacy for others to hopefully learn from and follow.

Morning Tide

Morning Tide

Duality serves its purpose and I am thankful for the people who’ve shown that to me.  With that said, thank you to all those who have called, written, sent texts, and e-mailed me about how things are going.  It’s getting better and will take a bit of time to work through, but if anything was taught to me by my grandfather it was that life will not stop to wait for you to catch up.  There is no waiting for the night surf to clean all away.

Evening Tide

Evening Tide

I’m undoing the pause button now.  Look for me as I return to making the rounds once more!


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One Response to The Road Goes Ever, Ever On

  1. Bboy Vybe says:

    Yes yes life is very short enjoy every moment. Death is probably the biggest growth we can go thru, whether it Is us or someone who’s life force is being swept away.

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