Why Can’t We Live Together?

For the first time in a while I’m going to keep to one photo.  This time with serious reason.

One photo.  One town.  One place I never thought I’d see this close after all my years of living near it.

Sundown Town by Daylight

Sundown Town by Daylight

Let me be the first to say that I do NOT know the heart of the CURRENT Vidor resident, but I hope it is nothing like what I remember growing up around and hearing tale of as I came up living next door in Orange.

Here’s info on Vidor’s past (as I promised):




and for those wondering what a “Sundown Town” is:


To be able to take a picture by day of a place I have never been able to do more than drive through all my life was one of the crazier moments in life.  Would I do it again by night?

I’ve done crazier things.    😉

My mother would be less than pleased if she knew I’d been to the city, but this is one of those things that a person has to go through on their own.  Much like the first time I was ever called the N word, you just learn to walk on and muddle through life without much worry over things, people, or places you can’t change.

I only had a little bit of worry in the back of my mind as I went through the town (and this is no where NEAR the fear I held when I made a wrong turn that landed me in Jasper by nightfall near to 5 years ago), but crazier still to think that in 2011 that the fear should even be a thought at all.

For better or worse, it is a part of Texas and it IS a part of history that in its own way made the cause FOR integration even greater with whatever energy it mustered for the contrary.

The real question stands though:  Why CAN’T we [all] live together?


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I'm a local freelance photographer taking in life and musing on how things are and what they could be all through my lens. I add light and sound to further the vision each Tuesday and Thursday. I can be found on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ebonsoul-Photos/227797643952140 or e-mailed for work/events here: bigbgk@hotmail.com For other content by myself, check out: http://about.me/Brian_G_Knowles
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