Come Go With Me

Fall is officially here.  How do I know?  Outside of the somewhat cooler temperatures we’ve received and the fact that the sun is setting at straight up eight of the clock at night, the State Fair of Texas is starting next weekend.

The last night of the State Fair LAST year was the weekend that I got my Canon Rebel XS.  I didn’t start this photoblog until after I’d gotten enough material (and felt that I at least understood what I was doing with the doggone thing) to share.

Speaking of sharing,I went for a leisurely Sunday drive and happened to catch the city easing into the season as well.  A view of downtown proper and some of it’s new edifices in growth along with a touch of everyday life is what I saw (and the future is promising).

I also got to step behind the scenes and see how some of the construction behind the State Fair’s midway works.  We really do owe an amazing debt to the people and the hours that they put into making this thing run.  Learned some amazing stories about how long it’s been running (125 years!), the fact that the Texas Star ferris wheel is the LARGEST in North America, and that KC and the Sunshine Band (Disco fans like myself, REJOICE!) are playing Sunday, October 2nd.

And now, last week’s highlights:

The pic of Nicky Siano and myself is from Saturday at the Dallas Contemporary.  Kudos to my girlfriend, Mandy (who is turning out to have the eye as well) for taking such a wonderful picture of a NYC DJ LEGEND while he was here.

“From the Road” has helped keep things interesting this summer, but I think I will retire it for a little bit and aim for new fare.  Would love to hear your feedback and if you like the series, let me know.  I will be doing physical prints from some of the content for sale soon, so keep tuned in!

Here’s this week’s links:

(From the Road 2011)

(Texas State Fair website)

The title inspiration for today’s entry:


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