Lay It On The Line

This blog started off as an experiment in composition of both my photography and my slant on life.  It moved into me learning how to wield my DSLR and drawing in other aspects of my life such as my DJing and dancing.  I broke out of my shell of doing the same old same old and started experiencing a lot of the different sides  that this city/state has to offer.

I spent time learning about the Mad Mod 60s, got involved in playing music from my own beloved 70s, found a cultural collective all about the 80s, started a podcast to encompass most of my excursions, found a way to capture the charm of both my childhood hometowns, and started a photography business.

I escaped exiting existence in August of 2010, but now I feel that all the living I’ve done since that fateful night has not been in naught.  I’ve fostered new friendships in folks I met this past year and found a way to make stronger ties to those who’ve known me most of my life.  My love and lust for life I hope has been shown with growing fervor over the past 52 weeks, 4,167 views, 14 comments and I intend to continue for some time but you know what really makes this blog what it is?


There are hundreds more photos, many more faces, and even more stories that I could post up here, but this entry would still be going at the two year anniversary if I did that, LOL.  Just know that without ALL OF YOU that this would not be anywhere near  the blast that it is.  Twice a week you look to see what I’ve got here and all the other times I’m hanging with you taking part in the grand play that we call life.

As I proceed to the second act here in my 30s, I’ve come to value my time more and more and I’m glad to share it all (and this photoblog) with you.  As Year Two starts, I’ve decided to push ahead into new waters with the business side of things, but still intend to keep this as a base with which to share the depth of my work.

On Twitter, I can be reached at @RufusPFunk.  On Facebook, my personal page is and the business page is  There are TWO photobucket accounts to look at as well (I’ve been busy, haha): and The rest of my online content links can be found in the “About” section on this page.

I’ll be selling prints as soon as I get Paypal up and running and be undergoing a page revamp come late spring, but until then THIS will be the conduit to use for my excursions into music, photography, and most of my multimedia mesh.

It’s been a wild ride, but there is no turning back now.  Now that I’ve laid it on the line and seen the reward from risking my perspective, I don’t think I could go back.

Join me next week as we start up again!

I thank you all and hope to entertain you again this upcoming year!


About rufusp2k8

I'm a local freelance photographer taking in life and musing on how things are and what they could be all through my lens. I add light and sound to further the vision each Tuesday and Thursday. I can be found on Facebook: or e-mailed for work/events here: For other content by myself, check out:
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