La Dolce Vita

Looks like I won’t get to start that new role I had tried out for a few weeks back, but I still have a job and just finished one of the best gigs I’ve had yet.  I was picked to shoot the Starck Club reunion/Movie screening ( here at Ghostbar Dallas last Friday and witness to the public premiere of the upcoming documentary for the self-same club.

A night of amazing music and fashion from the 80s courtesy of my friends and confidants Greg Watton, DJ Redeye, Notorious JIM, and Wish FM and the cheerful crowd there to look fondly back upon an iconic Dallas institution.  The pics I took will probably be the first batch that I brand with the Ebon Soul Photos ( watermark/logo.  I’m not at liberty to share them yet, but when they go live I PROMISE to link back to the best of that batch for this site as well.

After Friday night’s function I retired in to rest for my buddy Joe’s birthday party.  I was asked to spin records and after catching the bug on making mixes now that I have the technology to do so, I decided to lay out a proper Disco/Soul cavalcade of music.  I brought both the sound AND the fury with music from EWF, Cerrone, Skyy, Brothers Johnson, and even a little George Benson.  A wonderful night spent with fine wine and cheer and for even a small bit a jumpin’ dancefloor.

After the displeasure of finding out that I didn’t get the job, I was down for a whole day.  This weekend made all the moping go away.  Back on the job and back in higher spirits, I am living La Dolce Vita once more.  Plus I learned that as soon as the documentary goes live that I will be credited with my photographic work (and possibly penned to do more before all is said and done).

The good life, indeed.

Here’s more reflection on that matter:

It’s funny to experience Thanksgiving well before the holiday, but we should ALL be thankful all the time.  Just because you may not have, someone may not have what you’ve already got already.  Our tales are always just a thread apart in this world.


Ryan Paris, close out today’s post…


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