Time Passages

The world moves fast and time seems to move even faster in this large, high speed world we live in. The rise of technology and ways that we have to be connected at a moment’s notice has made us forget what it is like to take the time to just BE.

Sometimes you just have to pause and take in life instead of being out in the hub bub of it all. It’s great to be a part of the human race, but having to ACTUALLY race people in it is not so joyful (at least not all the time, hee hee).

Here’s to quiet moments, turning your phone off (or at least to vibrate), setting that out-of-office reply, leaving that 5 minutes early that you know you deserve, and to that necessary pause from being busy all the time that we sometimes all need.


About rufusp2k8

I'm a local freelance photographer taking in life and musing on how things are and what they could be all through my lens. I add light and sound to further the vision each Tuesday and Thursday. I can be found on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ebonsoul-Photos/227797643952140 or e-mailed for work/events here: bigbgk@hotmail.com For other content by myself, check out: http://about.me/Brian_G_Knowles
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