Pac Man Fever

Welcome to the first of a series entitled “Antiquated.”

A time to revisit things from days gone by and inspect them a little closer than I normally would.  Today’s source?

The Atari 2600.  If you aren’t familiar with this old gaming system from the 1980s, here’s a link for you:

The system was one of the first bridges between the arcades of the 1970s and the home consoles of the 1980s.  Without their success (and subsequent failure) Nintendo and Sega would have had a much harder time trying to break into the mainstream culture as they have over the past 30 years.

In fact, EVERYTHING you’ve played on (SNES, N64, Dreamcast, Playstation, and 360) ALL owes a huge debt to this little faux woodgrain box.  The technology was lackluster, but to be able to save quarters and play in the comfort of your own home was a modern miracle at the time. I owe my mom for getting me into computers/gaming when I got one as a kid.  Little could she have seen that it would be my gateway into the IT world.

Here’s a kind look back at the electronic giant of the early 1980s!

It was a kinder, gentler time, but one that I remember fondly.  I tried plugging it an and playing for more than 30 minutes and found that I couldn’t do it.  Nostalgia ranks high, but the payout was low.  If you had told 6-year-old me that games would be in HD and that the game would look EXACTLY as it did on the cover, I would have laughed in your face.

The times they are a’changin.  I’m still glad to suffer from bouts of Pac-Man Fever from time to time, though.   😉


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