Nature and the Naked Eye

5 days till I turn 35.

I can’t believe it.  I’ve been alive long enough to be able to claim middle age.  Teenage me definitely never saw me being the person that I am now (but I’m glad that I’m here).  A few twists in what I thought was to be the original plot have made me a much more robust character than the geek I once was.  It’s really been a trip, honestly.

Speaking of trips, I had a chance to celebrate the life of my stepmother and the annual honor of Jesus’ triumph over the grave for Easter Sunday.  Got a chance to catch up with my dad, brothers, and some of my sisters and talk about growing up.  I also got a chance to take in the humid Houston weather that rejuvenates me every time I come back.  It’s like I never left sometimes.

A city of mist and fog by night and still beauty by daylight.  This is my old hometown.

Maybe I’ll come back to it.  Maybe I won’t.  Still searching for a new full-time job and got a few new sets of eyes looking with me as well.  God willing I’ll get sorted out with that sooner than later, but until then I’ll keep my artistic interests feed and my mind working to make my understanding of the craft that much greater.

A soft focus is applied to today (in both senses of the word).  I’ll save my words for my birthday for the Tuesday after.  Maybe the wisdom of the ages will be bestowed on me.

Or maybe I’ll just give thanks for being alive and granted the ability to see life the way I do.

Check in and find out!


About rufusp2k8

I'm a local freelance photographer taking in life and musing on how things are and what they could be all through my lens. I add light and sound to further the vision each Tuesday and Thursday. I can be found on Facebook: or e-mailed for work/events here: For other content by myself, check out:
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