Movement as a Metaphor for Living

April has been both a month of celebration that also saw some parts despair mixed with equal parts of utter joy.  Just like the wheel (be it the wheel of life, wheels on a car, or the wheel of time) all things have come full circle.  I made a trek to Austin to enjoy closing out my birthday month and took in the state capitol as spring turns into summer.

I got to DJ that Wednesday night and Sunday afternoon and filled up my time during the rest of the trip looking for new spots and angles to capture the city with my lens.  The city seemed to enjoy my music and I have to say that I was just as enamored in return with them.  Never heard a cross word or caught a mean eye the entire time I was there.  To top it off, food there is amazingly fresh in its offering (as is the culture and how the city works).

Not saying that I’m packing my bags yet, but I will say that Austin is higher now on my list of possible places to entertain should I do so.

After catching up with friends and taking in several new haunts and local eateries/dive bars, I made my way home back up I-35.  The path I took home winds right past the town of West, TX (the town affected by the fertilizer plant explosion).  As I often do, I took a small detour to take in some of small town Texas just to see what life is like.  This particular jaunt seemed a little more poignant (in light of the current facts).

These folks still need your help, but greater than that, they just need time to get through it all.  I witnessed firsthand how we Texans take care of our own in the faces and stories I heard this afternoon.  Help from as far away as Houston and even back here locally from Lewisville has been offered.  I even debated taken pictures at all and on two instances purposely turned my camera away to respect these people and the grief that they are going through.  Respect is of the utmost when it comes to these matters.

I was able to console one person and without words and just a hand on the shoulder did all that I could.  That quiet nod of understanding told me that it was appreciated.  I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t get a little misty eyed myself, but got through it all with a stern face as best I could.  I got through near the same emotion a day before remembering my deceased grandmother’s birthday.  I understand how grieving gets easier over time (although it’s never easy).

To bring the entry to an end, life is movement.  We sometimes are at the wheel guiding ourselves and choosing our speed accordingly.  Other times, we are tossed into the sea of life and left to the current’s mercy to control where and how fast we go.  You just can’t ever stop trying, though.  This last picture I took in Austin this weekend sums my new feeling on that topic quite nicely.

The Message

The Message

Life changed all the time.  Every minute, every day, every year.  We must ALL keep trying to move ahead in life.

Round and round we go, all.

Round and round we go.

(special shout out to the homie, J.T. Donaldson for this amazing track that I heard on a mix from damn near a decade ago from my friend recovering from his coma, John Walker)



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