Breaking Into The New Age



The time is now.

A new era in fashion, form, and function in Dallas as spearheaded by one of my close friends, Brandon Ayala.

I also got a chance to share a deeper view with my article I wrote/took photos for Central Track:

Seeing as how today is Throwback Thursday, a track that was once the anthem of it’s own small era by Cirrus is today’s title music.  Enjoy!

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Where the Rabbits Roam


While not quite the land or setting of either “The Borribles” or “Watership Down”, the expanse of land in the Arbor Hills Preserve is a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

I see myself there quite a bit this summer. Flora and fauna living in quiet cohabitation to family communities in West Plano was not something I ever expected, but am glad to have found.

Enjoy this and today’s song choice, “Young Rabbits” by The Crusaders!

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Street Scene


As much grief as people give law enforcement, they are there with purpose and reason. I have had no issue and hold them in the highest respect (barring the bad apples that invariably show their faces).

Today is a salute to the men and women of the police force, both here in Dallas and around the nation.

Thanks for being there!

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City Life


When the night time falls and the streets begin to fill up with that unmistakable energy, that’s where I’ll be.

Forever ready.

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Return to Form


Formless order given a new shape and composition.

A dash of 70s panache and kaleidoscopic accent, today’s entry is an adventure in abstract art.


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In The Stone

“In the stone, you’ll find the meaning
Why you’re not standing tall
In the stone
The light is shining, forever touching all.”

Only a select few know where this field lies, but the solace it provides is like no other in this world and I don’t share it lightly.

Be in this world or the next, the truth of life is always finally written in the stone.

Now I’ll let Earth, Wind, and Fire and Chicago (two of my favorite bands joined on tour) sing today’s title theme.

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All of the Time


Just like elephant, I always remember.

All of the time.

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Thank You All


I am now 36.

It feels like I just turned 30 the other day, but I’m proud to say that I’m just as active (if not more so) as I was then.

I don’t have as much hair as I did then, but I’m not so vain that it’s even a stark worry on my radar. This is why God gave me a beard. 😉

In regards to all my birthday wishes I’ve received and the folks that came to hear me play music at Crown and Harp last night in Dallas – MY MOST SINCERE APPRECIATION AND THANKS TO YOU ALL. It felt so good to not only HEAR my music outside of my own 4 walls, but to SEE so many of you grooving to it on the dancefloor!

To my family (especially my Mom and Dad who I’ve been blessed with still having here with me on Earth) – THANK YOU for helping me grow, learn, and deal with life and the way it works. My ears only listened so much during my true youth, but what I did retain has served me well here in middle age.

To the rest of you – Thank you for letting me be MYSELF!


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Deja Vu


These walks through forgotten fields and seldome tread trails are never lonely because I sometimes feel like I’ve walked them before. I live in, but not FOR the city.

The pride of Orange and Hondo lives in my blood still and helps to keep the city life that Houston taught me in check. That small sense of deja vu still resounds deeply from time to time, though. I’m not sure I believe in multiple lives, but sometimes I get this feeling…

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Let The Music Move Me


The strings of life play loud and long, but sometimes echo gently in the recesses of the mind. Whatever the key, everyone’s soundtrack is different but plays alongside of everyone else’s on the planet. Sometimes we synchronize and other times we create terrific cacophony, but the metronome of life never stops.

It is not until we expire that the music ever really stops (and it may actually extend beyond there if we taught someone else our favorite chords).

The many references to music and to life honor one of House Music’s GREATEST heroes, the legendary Frankie Knuckles. A pioneer, quipper of the term “House Music”, and overall an inspirational soul, he passed away yesterday at the young age of 59.

His legacy lives on in many formats and many seasoned DJs of today. The younger ears that knew his importance to the craft also stand tall on what he helped to bring to the fore.

Instead of being sad and gloomy (as I did not know him PERSONALLY), I look to the skies and think that he’s gone on to a place where all the other happy people are when they pass from this mortal realm. Maybe he’s keeping my buddy Gene company and they are laughing it up.

Godspeed you, brother. Godspeed while we let the rhythm move us down here. Thank you for being you.

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