Long Ago and Far Away


Over the past six months I’ve been asked about where I’ve been hiding at or why I don’t go out to most events anymore. Those who’ve known me during all my nightlife years have known me as a mainstay for a long time.

The sad truth is twofold: There are not as many events or places that interest me as there once was here in Dallas and my life has taken a different direction.

At one point and time, I dreamed about being the next big photog from the city of Dallas. I busted my hump and did a lot of pro bono stuff alongside of listening and learning the craft from some of my peers. My time was more free and the hunger for recognition high.

After getting into local print and making a small name for myself, I saw the business side of things and the way it chews people up and spits them out. I kept to myself for the longest time and still used the art as my own method of therapy for the stresses in my life.

The sources of stress have changed, however (along with my desires). I’ve been known on both ends of the lens, but am looking to focus more on my own work again. There’s a bit of refinement needed and a willingness to leave not only this city, but the state to capture newer ideas/places no one may ever have seen.

My day job in IT has netted me more than I think I ever have as a photographer and has presented a new opportunity that I’d be silly to pass up. Along with that opportunity, I’ve been granted time to visit America.

I’ll be taking time off from Central Track during the summer (possibly covering SOME events) and setting my eyes to the horizon as a man, a plan, and a camera explore a new world outside of “Planet Texas.”

I’m also truly putting my photoblog on hiatus as well. The past two weeks caught me totally unprepared and let’s be honest, an IG pic is not the highest quality share out there.

As my professional content grows I may start it up again, but if I can’t give you my best efforts then I just won’t do it. It’s being fair to both you AND myself.

(I you’re following me on Instagram then you’ll get your helping regardless, lol).

For now, I celebrate my return to what I was far and long ago. The road is unsure, but the path is clear.

Play the anthem, Mr. Klugh.

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Forgetting is not as easy as folks think it can be.

I think that’s why the late hours of the night are my workshop of delight. That quiet zone of thought and imagination intersecting right before slumber seem to be my hotbed of memory.

The problem is that when sleep comes, EVERYTHING comes rushing back to me.

In my dreamscape, everything is eventual.


Gino Soccio – Remember

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“I hear silence. I hear silence in my heart.

From a distance. Turn your back and run from me.”

Funny how we seem to escape a pattern only to be caught up in another one all over again.

How does one escape infinity?

Life is absolutely maddening when you fully understand the gravity of New Order’s lyrics.

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Rebel Without A Pause

That’s me today. Work has eaten up enough of my day to where I’m just NOW getting to do the Thursday update.

Anyways, here’s today’s snippet. Enjoy!


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Midnight Interlude


An area of Oak Cliff named Opportunity Park is where today’s photographic source came from.

A hard night in the hood capturing how my people are living in the South side of Dallas has given me some feelings about what it is I do and what stories I am telling.

Not sure what to do with these feelings, but coming up with some ideas. The time to give back has been here, but how much more and what extent stand strong in my mind.

Anyways, enjoy some soul and the soul of the night as provided by Tom Browne.

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Strange Magik


Today’s abstract piece is entitled “Ensorcelled” and is homage to both the genius and talent of Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz during their collaborative efforts on the old Marvel Comics series “The New Mutants.”

Amazing word choice and gorgeous artwork paired together to give one of the most expressive comic book lines of the 80s era.

If you get the chance, buy the Demon Bear saga. The rings and lines used to show the form and eyes of the bear were the inspiration used for this creation.

The “Magik” in the title is derived from Illyana Niklovich Rasputin’s (Colossus of the X-Men’s little sister) as her powers are what ultimately aid in the defeat of the “ensorcelled” beings that served as their adversaries.

The last piece of the trifecta comes from the great 70s band ELO. All three conjoin to make today’s entry the special memorial that it is.


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Running Down the Roads Again


Summer 2014 is looking prime for travel. All I have to do is get through May.

Highways, by ways, all in my OWN way. Camera and confidence armed for the challenges that the hottest time of the year brings.

This is what keeps me running.

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Decision time has come and I’m asking a lot of hard questions here of myself as of late. The answers, while not always pleasant, are honest so at least I have solace in that.

Without being too vague, I’m going to star referring to myself as a selector and not a DJ. Sometimes I mix well and sometimes I just play the damn record. I think David Mancuso would be proud. I still keep getting requests in and out of town for my services so I must be doing SOMETHING right.

In regards to my photography, I’m working on cultivating that as well. While not as technical as my peers, my understanding of how to convey a moment and the true FLUIDITY of day to day living is something that people tell me they enjoy quite often.

If folks are enjoying what I’m doing on the opposite end of the lens (and it’s worth sharing as it has been), then I’m quite fine with that.

My quest to be a better human has seen its highs and lows and I’ve always tried to share what I could here. That won’t stop. However, how and what I share here may change in the upcoming month.

I’ve run into a wall storage wise here and torn between upgrading here (my efforts during February proved almost naught) or moving this somewhere else and starting anew.

If you enjoy what you see here, leave me some feedback (either here or on my FB wall). My ears are almost always set to listen.

I only have one more big decision to make, but that will wait till after today. That one I have to hold to self, but may be the most liberating part of the year thus far. It’s business related, so that’s why I can’t say anything yet.

Wish me luck and thanks for your continued viewership/support!

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Have A Good Day


Today’s goal is simple. So far I’m accomplishing it and it’s my wish for you as well.


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